Peter Sellars - a gentleman

There was a big turnout for the funeral of party stalwart Peter Sellars at Hawkinge on 20 April.  Among Peter's friends were Council Leader, Councillor Robert Bliss and councillors Susan Carey, David Godfrey, Stuart Peall and Philip Martin.  Peter's grandsons Edmund and Toby read the lessons and son-in-law Nick Gay the eulogy. 

Party Chairman visit

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi visited Folkestone Town Centre on Tuesday May 19 before moving down to the Harbour area where Daman Collins MP explained about the Step Short project.

Local candidates - or are they?

Keith Griffiths makes some observations about local candidates...".another Lib Dem who's shy about her full address says she is standing for Folkestone Park and lives at Puffins in Folkestone.  The full address is Puffins, Peene, Folkestone, down the motorway and up the hill in leafy rural Shepway".

Scouts celebrate St Georges Day

Among the civic guests for the Scouts St Georges Day event were Susan Carey, the Chairman of Shepway District Council and the Town Mayors of Folkestone and Hythe.

New bridleway officially launched

A silent glide along the Napoleonic Royal Military Canal through the wildlife haven in this tranquil part of Kent is being launched. Kent County Council’s Deputy Cabinet Member for Customer and Communities, Avtar Sandhu was joined by Susan Carey, Chairman of Shepway District Council to officially launch the new bridleway.

Royal Military Canal - a glide on the wild side

You can take the boat trip to see butterflies and birds like the kingfisher, or go the extra mile on a new stretch of canal path which is being opened up beside the 200-year-old historic monument.

County Councillors reject complicated scheme

Shepways Conservative Councillors welcomed news that County Councillors called on Kent voters to reject complicated AV system. Kent County Council pledged its opposition to the Alternative Vote (AVE) system in a debate on Thursday, 6 April, and called for the residents of Kent to do the same.

Elham Town Crier announces 'escape'

Kent's Elham Valley Visitor Group, KEVVG, launched its first leaflet on Tuesday 12 April at the Rose and Crown in Elham in style with a town crier.

Alan B'stard explains....

The Alternative Vote is a complicated, expensive and unfair system that gives some people more votes than others. Aan B'stard says: backroom deals and no need to deliver on promises!

The word is 'Teamwork'

Councillors and candidates are now getting well into their stride for the coming election on May 5th and supporting all canvassing. Both Damian Collins MP and Michael Howard were able to support the Hythe canvassing today and Damian also went out with the Cheriton group last night.