About Us

Our vision at Folkestone & Hythe Conservative Association is to foster local growth and support businesses while ensuring value for money through efficient services. We are dedicated to providing affordable homes and prioritizing the needs of our community and families as we represent the people of Folkestone & Hythe on the District Council.


Our Local Priorities:

  • Fostering a robust local economy and nurturing thriving businesses.
  • Ensuring effective and efficient local government services.
  • Creating a community where families and individuals are valued and supported.
  • Promoting adequate and affordable housing for all residents.


Key Local Initiatives:

  • Expanding Business Hubs to encourage public-private partnerships that drive sustainable economic growth and job creation.
  • Conducting comprehensive reviews of local government services to identify cost-saving and process streamlining opportunities.
  • Fostering community involvement and volunteerism by providing resources and recognition for community-led initiatives.
  • Offering incentives for developers to encourage private-sector development of sustainable and affordable housing.
  • Facilitating programs to help residents, especially young people and those over 50, acquire entrepreneurial skills and qualifications needed to access local job opportunities. •
  • Supporting community policing programs that promote positive relationships between law enforcement and local communities.


Our Priorities Are Rooted in True Conservative Values:

  • Promoting a strong local economy and supporting businesses aligns with conservative principles of economic freedom and a free-market approach to business.
  • Providing efficient government services reflects the key conservative principle of limited government, which seeks to reduce the size and scope of government and ensure cost-effective delivery of local services.
  • Prioritizing the needs of families and the community embodies conservative values of strong family structures and emphasizes the importance of community and civic responsibility.
  • Supporting affordable housing aligns with the conservative ideals of self-sufficiency, personal responsibility, and preserving social mobility opportunities for all citizens.