Harvey Central by-election

It’s certainly true that many people are cynical about politics and want to show their dissatisfaction....I see far more that’s good.  Both nationally and locally there are improvements in the economy and the prospects for the future.

Attendance league

Cllr Susan Carey responds to an article about published attendance figures at committee meetings for Shepway District Councillors over the last six months.

The remarkable solidarity

Campaigning for this election was interesting on many levels. I had thought that with so many challenging decisions being made at National level that voters would feel disinclined to vote Conservative - or even to vote at all. I was expecting this to be reflected in quite a low turnout.

If there's agreement why not agree?

As a candidate at the district council elections on 05 May and a newly elected district councillor for North Downs East, I’d like to respond to the article you published by a Liberal Democrat councillor who lost his seat in Cheriton.

AV or not AV?

The voters of Shepway decisively rejected AV on 05 May with 73% voting to keep our present ‘First Past the Post’ system.  The vote was 8,920 Yes and 24,342 No on a turnout of 42%.

So it was all Nick Clegg's fault then?

Liberal Democrat activist Sam Matthews appeared on Newsnight (06 May) and pinned the blame for his election failure in Hythe West firmly on his national party.

Local candidates - or are they?

Keith Griffiths makes some observations about local candidates...".another Lib Dem who's shy about her full address says she is standing for Folkestone Park and lives at Puffins in Folkestone.  The full address is Puffins, Peene, Folkestone, down the motorway and up the hill in leafy rural Shepway".

Tourism Industry Boost Expected

Damian Collins MP says "The Olympics will also bring a great many visitors to the area. It has been estimated that one in four people who travel to the games from Europe will come through Kent and we can expect hotels and guest accommodation to sell out. This will be good news for local businesses. . .