Debt was "Resting on a bed of nitroglycerine"!!

Damian Collins said "To listen to some of the speeches of Labour Members one would think that the debate about the prosperity of hard-working families and individuals is somehow totally separate from the debate about reducing the deficit and getting our country's finances back into balance. The two, of course, are intrinsically linked."

Opposing planning application for Otterpool Quarry.

Local Conservatives have expressed their disappontment at the recent decision to grant planning permission for a Waste Treatment Plant at Otterpool Quarry in Sellindge.  Despite a three year campaign against the proposal by Countrystyle Ltd and an impassioned speech by County Councillor Susan Carey permission was granted by 14 votes to 3.

FHCA AGM 2011 – Departing Chairman's Address

To quote a phrase: We Are All In This Together. Recognise as much and it really will be a case of Ever Onwards and Upwards for the Association. I wish my successor every good fortune – indeed, I hope he makes a fortune for the Association – and he knows that he will have my backing all the way.

A balanced budget and NO service cuts

Today the council has changed beyond all recognition and has, under extremely challenging circumstances, present a balanced budget for 2011/12 with no service cuts.